Responsiblesteel™ is a multi-stakeholder led organization that aims to collaboratively drive best practice sustainability performance throughout the global steel supply chain.

Responsiblesteel™ provides a platform to bring together all major sectors of the steel product life cycle including mining, scrap, coke making, blast furnace and electric arc furnace production, downstream processing and fabrication, procurement, use, re-use and recycling as shown in the image below.


Customers trust that their steel meets clear environmental, social and governance standards.


Create, implement and operate a respected global steel supply chain certification standard recognizing the environmental, social & governance performance expected by its stakeholders.


The standard aims to address changing customer and market expectations and regulatory dynamics that are driving an increased demand for greater transparency in product supply chains. More transparent supply chains allow stakeholders to:

  • Make more informed decisions regarding procurement of goods and services
  • Manage the growing awareness and impact of social, environmental, economic and governance risks
  • Identify and realise new cost efficiencies
  • Leverage opportunities for market differentiation through innovation and collaboration

As one of the most common materials in the world, Responsiblesteel is being developed to address the need for greater transparency for the steel supply chain.