Responsiblesteel has evolved from the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum, a body formed to develop a certification scheme across the Australian steel supply chain.

Using a multi-stakeholder standards setting process, the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum worked with more than 70 stakeholders and 180 individuals to develop the Responsiblesteel™ Standard with 12 core principles over more than 5 years.


The Steel Stewardship Forum was initiated in Australia as a concept in June 2007 by:

  • Mick Roche – The creator of the Green Lead program when he was at BHP Billiton’s Cannington Mine. Mick was at this time manager of product stewardship across BHP Billiton, one of the world’s largest resource companies and has been involved in the development of stewardship programs for a number of commodities. Mick was intimately involved in the formation and implementation of the Responsible Jewellery program
  • Joe Herbertson – Principal of Crucible Carbon, a sustainability consultancy company working with the Australian steel industry on life cycle performance
  • Phillip Toyne – Director of Ecofutures and secretariat of Green Lead, the global lead stewardship program involving the lead battery life cycle. Phillip was involved in advising the Australian Infrastructure Council on developing their Sustainability Action Plan


Steel is a vital material within a modern and progressive world. It’s used today in a variety of applications including transportation, building, packaging, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, energy supply and much more. Steel is an essential material for building a more sustainable future, from low carbon transport to clean energy and affordable housing. 

One of the initial projects the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum established was to map the footprint of the Australian steel chain. The project resulted in a clear picture of the local value chain from raw materials and steel production through to application and end-of-life.  For more information see a summary of the project at the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum website.  

Building on the Australian experience a presentation was made to the World Steel Association in 2014 to gain interest and support for the further development of Responsiblesteel™ into a truely global intitaive.