Test Phase for Additional Requirements

The ResponsibleSteel Standard V2.0 is composed of:

  • All the criteria and requirements from the Principles of the Standard Version 1.1 with some changes to Principle 10 of V2.0 and administrative amendments resulting from the renumbering of Principles of the Standard.
  • Plus, additional optional elements for the responsible sourcing of input materials in Principle 3 and GHG emissions and climate change in Principle 10. Certification against these requirements is necessary for sites to market their steel as ResponsibleSteel certified steel.

The parts of the Standard that are optional are:

  • All of Principle 3;
  • Criteria 10.4, 10.6 and parts as applicable of 10.7 (10.7.2 and 10.7.3).

Guidance on claims, logos, and labels for steelmaking sites that have been certified to the additional requirements is under development in consultation with ResponsibleSteel members. Until the publication of this guidance, no claims relating to the optional elements of Principles 3 and 10 may be made. The Secretariat is also developing specific guidance for auditing the additional requirements, which will be soon available on our resources page.

Elements of the additional requirements are under a 12-month test phase. ResponsibleSteel is keen to receive feedback from stakeholders on the applicability and practicability of the additional requirements, including from certification bodies, their auditors, and from steelmaking sites. Participation in the test phase and providing feedback is optional. Different mechanisms are in place if you want to support the test phase:

  • Provide feedback to ResponsibleSteel using this simple form;
  • Email feedback to assurance@responsiblesteel.org, citing the numbers of the respective requirements, explaining the issues that have arisen and any suggestions for change;
  • Arrange an online meeting with ResponsibleSteel by writing to assurance@responsiblesteel.org

ResponsibleSteel will use feedback to provide clarifications and interpretations to support implementation of the additional requirements. Where there is a strong case that substantial changes are needed promptly, an urgent revision process can be activated, following our Standard Development Procedures. In an extension to these procedures, the Secretariat intends to collate any proposed amendments to V2.0 resulting from the test phase and share them for consultation in a 30-day consultation in Q3 2023. The test phase officially ends on 30 September 2023.

Any other arising issues concerning requirements that are not earmarked for the test phase can be raised with ResponsibleSteel as well.

For further information on the test phase and how to participate, follow this link: Test Phase