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The ResponsibleSteel mission is to give businesses and consumers globally the confidence that all steel has been sourced and produced responsibly at all levels of the supply chain, from raw materials suppliers to end users.

This can only be achieved through discussions, cooperation and mutual commitment involving companies at all levels, including customers and representatives of civil society.

ResponsibleSteel provides the forum for this discussion, to the mutual benefit of all. ResponsibleSteel is committed to open dialogue with all our stakeholders. We will also collaborate with the best equivalent schemes wherever possible.

Our first 60-day public consultation on the ResponsibleSteel draft standard (version 2.0) took place from 05 June to 05 August 2018.  We received over 600 separate comments, all of which were reviewed.  An updated draft (version 3.0) was published on 11 February 2019 for a second 60-day period of public consultation, resulting in more than 950 comments.  Draft 4-0 was presented to ResponsibleSteel Members and Associates at a Members Meeting on 17/18 June 2019, and following recommendations from that meeting Draft 4-1 is being made available for a further 30-day public consultation from 24 June through to 24 July 2019.

You can download the draft 4-1 standard here, and take part in the consultation here.

To find out more about the ResponsibleSteel standard development process, click here.

Aside from the public consultation on the draft standard please feel free to contact us to submit any feedback or queries about the ResponsibleSteel programme.