Why join?

ResponsibleSteel provides a forum for businesses and social and environmental organisations to work together, creating value that neither group can create on its own.

As a ResponsibleSteel member you will be at the heart of the ResponsibleSteel programme, ensuring that ResponsibleSteel™ standards, policies and tools create value for your organisation.

For businesses, ResponsibleSteel™ membership demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that you are actively addressing key sustainability issues in your supply chain and production processes.  For social and environmental organisations, membership is about achieving your mission.

ResponsibleSteel Members have the right to:

  • Participate in working groups developing ResponsibleSteel standards
  • Vote on the adoption of final ResponsibleSteel standards
  • Attend ResponsibleSteel membership meetings
  • Attend the ResponsibleSteel Annual Assembly
  • Vote on the ResponsibleSteel™ Constitution

Who can join?

ResponsibleSteel is an international, multi-stakeholder membership organisation.  New members are welcome from anywhere in the world, including businesses from every part of the steel supply chain, civil society groups, associations, and other organisations with an interest in a sustainable steel industry.  Organisations that are not eligible for full membership but wish to show their support and be kept informed as the programme develops are invited to join as Associates.

Membership Categories

Business Organisations
including steelmakers, raw material suppliers and downstream users

Civil Society & Social/ Environmental Organisations
organisations with social or environmental missions and trade unions

including governmental organisations, trade associations, standards bodies, conformity assessment bodies and academic institutions

Membership commitments

The mission of ResponsibleSteel is to maximise steel’s contribution to a sustainable society.

ResponsibleSteel members are committed to:

  • Support the ResponsibleSteel programme
  • Participate in the development of ResponsibleSteel  standards
  • Encourage and recognise the responsible sourcing and production of steel

Members agree to:

  • Comply with the Steel Stewardship Council Ltd (‘SSC’) Constitution
  • Comply with the Antitrust Compliance Policy
  • Follow the ResponsibleSteel™ Complaints Procedure
  • Comply with the ResponsibleSteel Rules for Trademark Use
  • Pay membership fees in a timely fashion


Antitrust Policy

Membership Fees


Complaints Procedure

Trademark Rules

Membership fees

A range of membership fees are applicable depending on the type, size and/ or purpose of an organisation.

For organisations that are commercially active in the steel supply chain, annual membership fees are determined by annual turnover / revenue.  All figures are based on US dollars.

Business Organisations and For Profit Associate Members*

Annual Revenue – Membership Fee

  • $20 billion+ – US$50,000 (Steel Producers Only)
  • $5 billion to $20 billion – US$30,000
  • $2 billion to $5 billion – US$20,000
  • $1 billion to $2 billion – US$10,000
  • $100 million to $1 billion – US$5,000
  • $1 million to $100 million – US$1,000
  • Under $1 million – US$100

Not-for-profit organisations – Free

*Fees waived for RS Approved Certification Bodies, as they already pay an application fee as well as an annual fee to maintain their approved status.

How to apply

There are three steps to become a ResponsibleSteel™ member:

  1. Complete and submit the application form
  2. The ResponsibleSteel™ Board will review your application
  3. Membership confirmed following Board approval

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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