ResponsibleSteel holds first stakeholder meeting

ResponsibleSteel<sup>™</sup> holds first stakeholder meeting

London, September 13th, 2017

Steel producers, steel customers & civil society representatives came together in London in September for the first time to give input and support to the development of the ResponsibleSteelTM initiative.

The level and diversity of participation highlighted the importance of multi-stakeholder standards and certification for the global steel industry.

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director at ResponsibleSteelTM commented:

It has been a productive time at ResponsibleSteelTM. We have received some really encouraging feedback and we are delighted with the progress we are making. It was pleasing to see so much commitment, intellectual firepower and energy in the group. The formulation of our Interim Council is an important step and fundamental to our multi-stakeholder approach.

Key actions and decisions made at the meeting to bring the ResponsibleSteelTM initiative to the next level included:

1. Organisational development

  • Delegates present have agreed to form an Interim Council and to merge the roles of the Standards Committee and Council
  • A funding and finance group will be established
  • Topic-specific working groups will be set up for: mining, water, GHG emissions, and scrap

2. Developing a draft standard

  • Agreements were made to further develop the draft standard in consultation with topic-specific working groups and the Interim Council, prior to launching formal public consultation in early 2018
  • The standard should have multiple performance levels. The topic-specific working groups will advise on drafting specific issues and the ResponsibleSteel Council will review and approve standards prior to formal public consultation
  • The initiative will collaborate with existing mining certification schemes

3. Membership development

  • Plans were made to broaden the membership to include more steel & mining companies with a better geographical spread
  • The initiative continues to be open for new members and associates, from both business and civil society. Further information on membership can be found here

The first Interim Council meeting will be hosted at DNV’s London offices on December 8th 2017.

Please contact us if you would like to join the Interim Council or any of the topic-specific working groups.

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