Mighty Earth joins ResponsibleSteel™

Mighty Earth joins ResponsibleSteel™

ResponsibleSteel welcomes new member Mighty Earth, a global campaign organisation that works to protect the environment, focusing on issues of conserving threatened landscapes like tropical rainforests, protecting oceans, and solving climate change.

As a multi-stakeholder platform, ResponsibleSteel intentionally brings together civil society and business organisations, sometimes with quite different perspectives and objectives, to achieve change through collaboration.

In 2018, Mighty Earth launched the first ever global campaign focused on the climate impacts of the global steel industry. To date, Mighty Earth has released two reports. The first report identified opportunities for the steel sector to take climate action, and the second described the large carbon footprint of construction and steel’s role in the industry. These reports highlight the need for industry action and the necessity of a ResponsibleSteel standard that considers the climate and the environment.

As a member of ResponsibleSteel, Mighty Earth aims to engage with steel producers, steel consumers, industry experts, and diverse civil society voices to support the process of establishing a rigorous and impactful standard. Mighty Earth has served as a key convener for other commodities – including rubber, chocolate, and palm oil – as those industries sought to improve their environmental standards and impacts.

Margaret Hansbrough, Campaign Director, Mighty Earth, said: “Mighty Earth is excited to join this groundbreaking and timely effort to ensure a meaningful pathway to decarbonize steel. The steel industry must do its part to solve the climate crisis, but it will need the help of NGOs and its customers to make this happen. We have ten years to cut industrial climate emissions in half and it is going to take all of us to make that possible.”

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel, said: “We welcome Mighty Earth at a critical time in securing more public awareness as well as industry participation in our mission to enhance the responsible sourcing, production, use and recycling of steel. Mighty Earth’s campaigning amplifies the call for support and demand for responsibly produced steel.”

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