Sourcemap joins ResponsibleSteel™

Sourcemap joins ResponsibleSteel™

ResponsibleSteel welcomes new Associate Member Sourcemap, a technology solution to achieve 100% traceable, transparent supply chains.

Sourcemap was founded on a vision of supply chain transparency: that consumers and companies alike have the right to know the source of products. Sourcemap is an essential technology for companies that want to map and monitor their supply chains, right down to raw materials. It works as a social network, like LinkedIn: companies invite their suppliers, who invite their suppliers, and so on until every last link is mapped. Sourcemap verifies the data using real-time traceability, tracking every transaction and making sure it’s authentic. This involves analysing trends, importing news, and looking at satellite imagery.

Sourcemap has collaborated with several multi-stakeholder initiatives over the years, including the Responsible Minerals Platform and Responsible Mica Initiative. It has identified the need for flexibility: companies already work with a number of partners to do audits, to manage compliance, and they have invested in a lot of technology. The best approaches are therefore open, both from a partnership point of view (by inviting existing stakeholders, at the brand and the supplier level), and from a technology point of view (by not requiring expensive data and software when start-ups have all the technology and can integrate with existing platforms).

Juliette Barre, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Sourcemap, said: “Sourcemap is thrilled to join ResponsibleSteel and be part of the conversation on how we can move this essential industry into the responsible era. Steel is the backbone of every industrial supply chain, whether it’s agriculture, apparel, consumer goods, transportation, or electronics. ResponsibleSteel represents an important step toward ensuring that the steel we all source is responsible, and Sourcemap is proud to join this important initiative.”

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel, said: “We welcome Sourcemap as an Associate Member, bringing expertise in supply chain mapping and transparency, and increasing our broad membership base with an interest in a responsible steel industry.”

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