The ResponsibleSteel™ Board of Directors – moving from theory to reality

ResponsibleSteel™ has established a multi-stakeholder Founding Board of ten people with a wide range of backgrounds and experience to build and govern the organisation effectively, to achieve ResponsibleSteel’s vision through the implementation of its mission, “to enhance the responsible sourcing, production, use and recycling of steel by:

* Providing a multi-stakeholder forum to build trust and achieve consensus;

* Developing standards, certification and related tools;

* Driving positive change through the recognition and use of responsible steel”.

The role of the Board is amongst other things, to oversee the implementation of the organisation’s Objects (as set out in the Constitution) and governance, setting out its overall strategy, direction and budget, and providing leadership in the management of effective relationships with ResponsibleSteel’s stakeholders. The day-to-day management of the Company and its activities are delegated to the Executive Director, Matthew Wenban-Smith.

The Board includes three business, three civil society and three independent representatives, together with the ResponsibleSteel™ Executive Director. For the full list of Board members and their affiliations, please click here.

Alan Knight and Gerry Tidd have been appointed as Co-Chairs, representing ResponsibleSteel and certification externally, and creating awareness and support along the steel value chain. As ResponsibleSteel is a global organisation, having one Co-Chair based in London and the other in Melbourne ensures an East – West spread and prevents development being seen to be dominated by one company or region.

A Deputy Chair (Francis Sullivan) has also been appointed. This is a non-executive inward-facing role, focusing on providing extra support for the ED and ensuring the ResponsibleSteel work plan is on track and supports the achievement of the mission.

The Founding Board is focused on establishing ResponsibleSteel as an effective, viable programme which delivers its vision and mission. In the longer term, the Founding Board will step down to be replaced by a Board which will be elected by ResponsibleSteel’s membership.

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