Board Committees

The Membership & Governance Committee (MGC) advises the ResponsibleSteel Board on the development and implementation of ResponsibleSteel’s governance model, and on issues relating to ResponsibleSteel’s membership.

The Group has the delegated authority of the Board to make decisions on membership of the organisation. In addition, the MGC has the authority to endorse actions for Board approval on areas including the:

  • Development and implementation of ResponsibleSteel’s long-term governance model and structure;
  • Establishment and implementation of ResponsibleSteel’s Membership Programme.

The Standards, Assurance & Claims Committee (SACC) is a standing Board Committee that advises the CEO and Board on aspects of operations as they relate to standards, assurance and claims.

The Group has the delegated authority of the Board to make governance and procedural decisions relating to the revision of existing ResponsibleSteel™:

  • Standards;
  • Assurance procedures and policies;
  • Claims, labels and rules for their implementation.

The Finance & Risk Committee (FRC) oversees financial strategy including funding and risk, to enable capacity, build resilience and ensure the solvency of the organisation.