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Ensuring relevant, credible and effective standards

We are continuously working to improve ResponsibleSteel standards to ensure we effectively drive responsible production practices. The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard is reviewed periodically in five year intervals, and the Standard's Principles may also be reviewed, revised, and updated from time to time.

The timeline

See the full development timeline of the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard from its inception in 2017 to today.

May 2024

Launch of the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard V2.1 incorporating revisions to Principles 3 and 10.

March-April 2024

Public consultation on revisions to the Materials Sourcing Progress Level requirements (Principle 3).

December 2023-January 2024

Public consultation on revisions to Principle 10 including the Decarbonisation Progress Level requirements.

September 2022-September 2023

12 month test phase conducted on elements of the additional requirements for the sourcing of input materials and GHG emissions.

September 2022

The ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0 is launched to incorporate the additional requirements on GHG emissions and the sourcing of input materials.

July-August 2022

Board review and formal membership vote on the new responsible sourcing and GHG emissions requirements.

June 2021-June 2022

Collation and review of stakeholder feedback and finalisation of responsible sourcing and GHG requirements.

June 2021

The ResponsibleSteel Standard V1.1 published (without responsible sourcing and GHG additions) to incorporate interpretations and an urgent revision to V1.0 .

April-May 2021

Public consultation on revised responsible sourcing and GHG requirements.

August-October 2020

Draft sourcing and GHG requirements developed and public stakeholder consultation held.

January-July 2020

Working groups for responsible sourcing, GHG emissions and steel product claims convened and draft requirements discussed.

November 2019

Fifth draft approved by a majority of business and civil society members and published as the ResponsibleSteel Standard V1.0.

August-October 2019

Member review of fifth draft before being submitted to ResponsibleSteel’s membership for formal voting.

June-July 2019

ResponsibleSteel Member Meeting review of fourth draft followed by open stakeholder review.

February-April 2019

Public consultation held on a third draft and field testing by members completed with the support of DNV-GL.

June-August 2018

Public consultation held on a more comprehensive second draft specifying 10 principles.

February 2017

The first ‘straw man’ ResponsibleSteel draft Standard is published, containing high-level principles and criteria.

Download our Standards Development Procedures

Our International Standards Development Procedures have been developed to meet the requirements of the ISEAL Standard Setting Code and outline the scope and objectives of the International Production Standard, how decisions on the Standard are made, and how we undergo Standard revisions.

Upcoming and ongoing standards development

Upcoming developments in 2024

The following areas of development are planned for 2024. Details on how to participate will be shared in the coming months.

  • The regular review of the International Production Standard is due to be conducted by November 2024.
  • Review and further consultation on the draft Downstream Chain of Custody Standard.
  • The recommencement of the workstream to develop technical specifications for the decarbonisation progress of sites producing High Alloy and Stainless Steels (HASS).
  • Technical specifications for sites in transition.

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