Who we are

Steel: The opportunity to change

Steel is the world’s largest materials industry. It’s critical to society and to the renewable energy transition. But the industry needs to change. ResponsibleSteel is a global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative working to accelerate the industry’s transition to net zero while ensuring consumers can be confident that the steel they use has been sourced and produced responsibly.

Our mission

We aim to be a driving force in the socially and environmentally responsible production of net-zero steel, globally.

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Our strategy

Our work relies on the integrity of our standards and assurance programme. By ensuring that ResponsibleSteel is the most trusted standard for steel, we offer steelmakers a sustainability roadmap that customers, communities, investors, and workers can all get behind. We combine all the complexities of good social and environmental performance in one indicator: certification.

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We’re filling the gap

Stakeholders and consumers have a growing expectation that the materials they work with are responsibly sourced and produced. Complying with local legal obligations is no longer sufficient to meet these demands or drive the change needed to mitigate climate change. ResponsibleSteel provides:

An International Production Standard that promotes the responsible sourcing and production of steel.

A multi-stakeholder forum to build trust and consensus on responsible production practices.

A robust assurance programme to ensure steel is produced responsibly at every stage.

A certification programme that provides steelmakers with a competitive edge in the market.

ResponsibleSteel's Values

Committed to our mission and underpinned by our Code of Conduct, we are guided by our common values:


Working together to deliver impact with passion and mutual trust, valuing our time and allowing ourselves the space to reflect, rest and recharge.


Saying what we do and doing what we say, taking responsibility for our own actions even when no one is looking, and learning and growing as we go.


Communicating clearly, honestly and openly in a timely manner in all that we do.


Engaging with those affected, listening to understand, and co-creating bold strategies to deliver greater impact.

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