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How do we drive the responsible production of steel?

In collaboration with our unique multi-stakeholder membership base, we have developed a standards and certification programme to provide steelmakers with a roadmap for producing responsible net-zero steel.

ResponsibleSteel Standards

The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard contains 13 Principles covering key environmental, social and governance issues identified and agreed upon by our members for the responsible production of steel. We are currently working on developing a Downstream Chain of Custody Standard to be published later this year.

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ResponsibleSteel Certification

ResponsibleSteel’s independent certification programme identifies and rewards steelmaking sites which have met the requirements of the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard.

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What is ResponsibleSteel?
Why do we need ResponsibleSteel?
How was ResponsibleSteel developed?
What is the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard?
What is ResponsibleSteel certification?
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