Who we work with

An international network

Building a responsible steel industry requires cooperation and mutual commitment between companies across the steel value chain, civil society, and other stakeholders. We facilitate this multi-stakeholder approach. Our members and partners include some of the leading players in the industry, across both business and policy, working together to deliver on our collective mission.

Members and associates

Our membership consists of a broad range of organisations with an interest in accelerating progress towards a responsible industry, including steelmakers, steel buyers, material suppliers, technology providers, civil society, and more. We encourage organisations from around the world to join us in driving the future of the steel industry.

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Partner initiatives

ResponsibleSteel is part of a wider ecosystem. We work closely with other initiatives on key issues such as driving alignment on measuring and reporting steel emissions and increasing demand for near-zero steel. This work is critical to ensure stakeholders are collectively aligned and driving industry progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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