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Defining responsibly-produced steel

The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard has been developed over the course of seven years to recognise, encourage and reward steel sites operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The Standard’s 13 Principles cover a full range of ESG issues, identified and agreed upon with our members.

We are currently working with our members and stakeholders on developing a Downstream Chain of Custody Standard to be published later this year.

The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard V2.1

Launched in May 2024, Version 2.1 incudes revisions to ResponsibleSteel's requirements for GHG emissions and sourcing input materials. These requirements are designed to drive down emissions and drive up standards in the supply chain, helping steelmakers transition to a responsible, decarbonised future.

Standards development

ResponsibleSteel standards are developed in consultation with our stakeholders and members. Standards are reviewed and updated periodically to incorporate necessary revisions and additional requirements.

Recognising other programmes

The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard applies to steel production, processing and finishing, and includes requirements for the responsible sourcing of input materials. To improve standards in industries upstream of steel, ResponsibleSteel recognises and encourages alignment with other credible multi-stakeholder programmes that verify good practices by input materials suppliers.

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What is the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard?
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How do ResponsibleSteel audits work?
What are the benefits of certification against our standards?
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