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ResponsibleSteel is part of a broader ecosystem of initiatives working in steel sustainability. Learn more about how we are collaborating to drive a responsible, near-zero future.


SteelZero brings together downstream companies in the steel supply chain to send strong demand signals to global markets, shifting them towards the production and sourcing of net-zero steel. Its members make a public commitment to procure 50% of their steel by 2030 from producers on the pathway to net zero and to procure 100% net-zero steel by 2050. Hosted by the Climate Group in partnership with ResponsibleSteel.

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Near-Zero Steel 2030 Challenge

The Near-Zero Steel 2030 Challenge, created by the First Movers Coalition, ResponsibleSteel, Greenhouse, RMI, Deloitte, and Boston Consulting Group, aims to map existing near-zero steel capacity, accelerate emerging solutions, and connect suppliers of low-emission steel to purchasers.

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Steel Breakthrough Agenda

The Steel Breakthroughs, launched at COP26 as part of the Breakthrough Agenda, bring together governments to accelerate the innovation and deployment of solutions which drive near-zero steel. As part of this, ResponsibleSteel is a co-lead in the Priority Action to develop common definitions and standards for near-zero steel, working alongside the IEA, UNIDO, worldsteel, and ISO.

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Steel Standards Principles

Launched at COP28 by the World Trade Organization and ResponsibleSteel, the Steel Standards Principles establish key foundations for a common framework for climate-related steel standards and have been endorsed by over 40 organisations calling for alignment on measuring steel emissions.

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Sustainable STEEL Principles

The Sustainable STEEL Principles are a set of commitments to adopt a common measurement and disclosure framework, designed for banks to support the steel industry’s net-zero transition. We work with the SSPs, hosted by RMI’s Centre for Climate-Aligned Finance, to encourage cooperation and drive transparency and reporting standards for the steel sector.

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Roundtable on the Responsible Recycling of Metals

The Roundtable is a multi-stakeholder initiative set up for a limited time to develop a roadmap for the responsible recycling of metals, including steel. This will be informed by best practices and defined actions based on gaps found through research, assessments and working groups.

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