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ResponsibleSteel Certification

ResponsibleSteel certification combines all the complexities of good social and environmental performance in one indicator across the value chain. Certification gives buyers, investors, and other stakeholders the confidence that a steel site is working to implement some of the most rigorous social and environmental standards in the industry. 

Start the journey: How to obtain core certification against the Production Standard

1. Conduct a self-assessment of the site against the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard and contract a ResponsibleSteel approved certification body to conduct the audit.

2. The site undergoes a Stage 1 audit conducted by the certification body. Stage 1 consists of stakeholder and media analysis and a desktop review of site documentation, data, records, and the site's self-assessment.  

3. The site undergoes a Stage 2 audit. The certification body will conduct an on-site visit and interview site management, workers and external stakeholders.

4. An audit report is compiled by the certification body identifying any non-conformities. The report is reviewed by members of the ResponsibleSteel team and an independent Assurance Panel before a certification decision is taken. If successful, the certification is valid for three years and is published on the ResponsibleSteel website along with a public audit summary.

5. Once certified, a site will need to continue to take corrective action to address any non-conformities. The certification body will continue to monitor the site and conduct a surveillance audit, including interviews with workers and stakeholders, around 18 months following the initial certification.

Certification Fees

Certification fees apply to all ResponsibleSteel certificate holders. The certification fees listed below are paid directly to ResponsibleSteel and are in addition to fees paid directly to the certification body. These fees cover the costs to ResponsibleSteel of providing services for audit process management and certification maintenance.  All fees are in USD. Learn more here.

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