Certification resources

Here, you can find all the ResponsibleSteel documents that are needed by sites wishing to become certified and by certification bodies and auditors that want to engage with the ResponsibleSteel programme.

For sites, certification bodies and their auditors:

For certification bodies and their auditors:

For sites:

Guidance for sites, certification bodies and auditors will be developed as needed and will be published on this page.

Annual Site Certification Fee

Upstream sites *                              $1,000 USD

Iron and steelmaking sites **          $5,000 USD

* Upstream sites = engaged in raw materials beneficiation such as palletisation, coking and sintering

** Iron and steelmaking sites = engaged primarily in iron and/or steel making, from either primary or secondary sources

The site certification fee shall be waived for the first year of certification; thereby fees will only be charged after one year of certification.