Why recognise other programmes?

ResponsibleSteel’s mission is to “achieve net zero carbon emissions for the steel sector by 2050, and to enhance the responsible sourcing, production, use and recycling of steel”. To achieve this, our programme must eventually cover the entire steel supply chain. The ResponsibleSteel Standard (version 1.1, published in June 2021) applies to steel production and processing. It comprises a Responsible Sourcing Criterion, but does not address the issue of input material sourcing in a comprehensive manner.

The key ingredients for steel making are mined materials and scrap. There are many existing programmes defining environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements for responsible mining, and initial steps have been made to create such programmes for scrap as well. The most effective and efficient way for ResponsibleSteel to address sourcing aspects is to recognise input material programmes that credibly verify ESG performance of suppliers and to recognise these programmes in our upcoming sourcing requirements.

Consulting on recognition

We have developed a recognition methodology and assessment tool that helps us identify credible input material programmes that we can partner with. The methodology has been piloted with 3 mining programmes. The resulting draft versions of the pilot assessments and the underlying recognition methodology have been published here. Stakeholders may provide feedback on the draft methodology and assessment results by using the form here.

ResponsibleSteel’s recognition work is possible thanks to a grant from the ISEAL Innovations Fund, which is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Interested in seeking recognition?

Mining programmes and other input material programmes that are interested in seeking ResponsibleSteel recognition may contact us to make their interest known. Note that a recognition fee of USD 3000 will be charged to recover some of the costs of our recognition work.