ResponsibleSteel Standard

The ResponsibleSteel Standard was initially published on 05 November 2019. It was developed to recognise steel sites that are operated in a responsible manner. The 12 Principles of our Standard cover environmental, social and governance issues, which were identified and agreed with our members and stakeholders over the course of 3 years, including public consultations and oversight by a ResponsibleSteel Board Committee. On 23 June 2021, we launched version 1.1 of the ResponsibleSteelStandard to incorporate additional guidance, interpretations and an urgent revision we developed recently. A questions & answers document on the urgent revision is available here. Note that the official and full review of our Standard is likely to start in 2023.

Responsible sourcing and GHG emissions

A big thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on the various draft versions of our additional requirements for responsible sourcing of input materials and greenhouse gas emissions! The consultation documents and feedback we received can be found here (under Second Public Stakeholder Consultation).

We are currently working to finalise these requirements and aim to put them to our membership for their vote in late June 2022. Meeting these requirements in addition to the already approved Standard Version 1.1 will allow steel sites to not only make claims about the way their site is operated, but also about the steel they offer. Incentives to meet the additional requirements are expected to come from the market in the form of customer, public policy and green finance specifications, from civil society and peer pressure, or from the wish to distinguish from competition. The additional requirements will serve to identify and reward companies that are committed to creating a responsible steel value chain, and that are minimising their CO2 emissions.

See here for more information.