The ResponsibleSteelInternational Standard

The ResponsibleSteel International Standard was initially published on 05 November 2019. It was developed to recognise steel sites that are operated in a responsible manner. On 14 September 2022, we launched the ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0, incorporating additional requirements on GHG emissions and the sourcing of input materials. The 13 Principles of our Standard cover environmental, social and governance issues, which were identified and agreed upon with our members and stakeholders.

Version 2.0

The ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0 aims to play a pivotal role in driving down GHG emissions and driving up standards in the steel supply chain, helping steel companies transition to a responsible, decarbonised future. Meeting the requirements contained in Version 2.0 will allow steel sites to not only make claims about the way their site is operated but also about the steel they offer. These requirements will serve to identify and reward companies that are committed to creating a responsible steel value chain and that are minimising their emissions.

Please note that the official and full review of our Standard is likely to start in 2023.