ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Zaragoza Earns ResponsibleSteel Certification

The site is ArcelorMittal’s fifth in Spain to become certified against the ResponsibleSteel International Standard, following the certification of sites forming the Asturias Cluster (Avilés and Gijón, Sagunto, Etxebarri and Lesaka) in 2022.

Located in the Pradillo II industrial area in Pedrola, 30 km from the capital of Aragón, ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Zaragoza is right in the centre of Spain’s automotive industry. The site is part of ArcelorMittal Europe’s Flat Products segment and receives galvanised steel coils from European sites which it processes to produce laser-welded blanks for the automotive industry. This technology provides a reduction in the weight of the vehicles, resulting in lower fuel consumption, while also enhancing safety for the users. In 2022, shipments amounted to a total of 5.2 million parts, with shipment volumes expected to rise to over 6 million parts this year.

ResponsibleSteel’s CEO, Annie Heaton commented, “This is an important step as we work to build a responsible steel value chain. ArcelorMittal Zaragoza’s galvanised steel coils come largely from existing ResponsibleSteel certified sites across France, Spain and Germany. So this certification is a real milestone for ResponsibleSteel, getting us one step closer to achieving certification across the value chain and giving Zaragoza’s automotive customers greater confidence that their steel has been produced in a way that respects both people and the planet every step of the way. As ArcelorMittal continues to work to certify sites globally, I look forward to seeing these links of the value chain continue to come together under the ResponsibleSteel programme to assure a full chain of custody from steel furnace to end use.”

The site underwent an independent audit conducted by DNV against Version 1.1 of the Standard. The site’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees and the preservation of local biodiversity were identified as particular strengths during the audit.

The site manager, Tomás Ramos, commented, “As a team, it has been a great satisfaction for us to achieve ResponsibleSteel certification. We were selected as the pilot plant among all the European subsidiaries in the Tailored Blanks division and, after all the efforts deployed, we have been able to deliver on this mandate. This certification would not have been possible without the engagement and professional commitment of all members of the team.”

He continued, “It has undoubtedly been a very interesting exercise and has enabled us to bring together, in a structured way, the complex and diverse range of activities that we have been implementing with our stakeholders. For us, the certification process has been an analytical journey across the Standard’s 12 principles and all its criteria and requirements. This exercise has enabled us to review all our actions and include the latest proposals to support the existing commitment to Sustainability, good Governance and the Health and Safety of all the parties involved in this project, which, ultimately, will ensure that the good results are shared by all.”

Read the public audit summary here.

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