Call for stakeholder feedback on the Copper Mark recognition assessment

The steel sector relies heavily on mined and processed minerals as an input to production processes. To help ensure that steel companies can increasingly source minerals from responsible suppliers, ResponsibleSteel recognises input material programmes that are well placed to credibly verify ESG performance of suppliers. ResponsibleSteel has developed a comprehensive recognition methodology to assess the standards and assurance mechanisms, programme governance and management, as well as permitted claims and labelling of input material programmes.

Based on assessments against that methodology in 2022, our Board of Directors decided to recognise Bettercoal, the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) and Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM). As a consequence, these three programmes are anchored to varying degrees in Principle 3 (Responsible Sourcing of Input Materials) of the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard. More information on these three recognition assessments can be found here.

Recently, the Copper Mark applied for ResponsibleSteel recognition for copper, molybdenum, nickel, and zinc sites participating in its programme. The Copper Mark and ResponsibleSteel engaged in extensive discussions to produce a draft recognition assessment. The results of this assessment are now opened up to stakeholders to give them an opportunity to provide feedback on the results.

The draft recognition assessment of the Copper Mark can be found on our Resources page under 'Input Material Programmes'. Stakeholders can complete this form to submit feedback or comment directly in the document and send us an email, citing the respective criterion of the assessment.

The deadline for stakeholder feedback is the end of the day on 28th July 2024. In case of questions and to submit feedback, please email

In addition, the Copper Mark and ResponsibleSteel agreed on two conditions to enable recognition. The Copper Mark will provide a supplemental document stipulating these conditions for sites that participate in its assurance framework and want to be ResponsibleSteel-recognised:

- The following criteria of the “Risk Readiness Assessment Criteria Guide” version of 19 October 2023, which is the Copper Mark’s criteria for responsible production, have to be considered not only by mine sites but also by stand-alone metal processing, downstream processing, manufacturing and recycling sites if these sites want to be ResponsibleSteel-recognised: Closure and Reclamation, Community Development, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Land Acquisition and Resettlement, Cultural Heritage.

- The Copper Mark will explicitly stipulate that the requirements specified in the “Risk Readiness Assessment Criteria Guide” version 19 of October 2023 are binding.

Following consideration of any feedback and the finalisation of the assessment, a recommendation on recognition will be put to the ResponsibleSteel Board of Directors for their decision.

Submit feedback using this form or learn more about ResponsibleSteel recognition here.

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