Harsco Environmental joins ResponsibleSteel™

ResponsibleSteel welcomes Harsco Environmental as a new Member. Harsco Environmental recovers and recycles metal, and repurposes by-products into value-added eco products.

At over 145 sites in more than 30 countries, Harsco Environmental is Making a World of Difference™ for customers across the globe. Harsco is committed to leading the industry into a more sustainable future. The company delivers environmental products and services to help its customers transition to low carbon and circular economies.

Through its shift in focus toward an environmental platform, Harsco now views every customer’s need through the lens of sustainability. In pursuing its own environmental goals, Harsco in turn aims to help its customers meet theirs, through innovative and highly-effective by-product management and mitigation solutions.

Cope Willis, Vice President, Harsco Sustainability and Environmental Solutions, said: “We are pleased to join ResponsibleSteel and to have the opportunity to partner with our global steel customers and other key stakeholders to support the implementation of sustainability standards for steel production. This collaboration is another step in Harsco’s continuing efforts to lead the steel industry into a more sustainable future.”

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director of ResponsibleSteel, said: “Harsco Environmental is a great addition to our membership, and we welcome its focus on helping customers transition to low carbon and circular economies.”

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