International Manganese Institute joins ResponsibleSteel™

ResponsibleSteel welcomes the International Manganese Institute (IMnI) as an Associate Member. IMnL is a not-for-profit industry association that represents 83 major manganese producers and consumers in 30 countries.

Founded in 1975, with headquarters in Paris, France, IMnI’s mission is to provide vision and guidance to the manganese industry by promoting economic, social and environmental responsibility and sustainability to all stakeholders.

Currently the IMnI provides the manganese industry with the ability to: anticipate and track major regulations worldwide; develop economically sound industry safety standards; study and limit occupational health effects; and quantify and evaluate environmental life cycle and risk.

The Institutes sees sustainability and circularity as being vital for the success of the manganese industry. As such, IMnI supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and works with key leaders to ensure that the manganese industry obtains the highest standards of sustainability within the industry and its communities.

Brandon Cline, HSE & Regulatory Affairs Manager, International Manganese Institute (IMnI), said: “Responsible Steel is a natural partner, not only to achieve sustainability for the steel industry, but also for the manganese industry. Steel is manganese’s primary downstream customer and we are excited to join a platform that can close the circularity loop within our industries.”

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel, said: “We are proud to have members from every stage of the steel supply chain and welcome IMnl as an Associate Member. Collaboration between all stakeholders within the steel supply chain will help us fulfil our mission of maximising steel’s contribution to a sustainable future.”

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