Introducing ResponsibleSteel’s Decarbonisation Progress Audit Tool

To support steelmaking sites in preparing for external audits against Principle 10 of the ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0, ResponsibleSteel has now issued a ‘Decarbonisation Progress Audit Tool’.

Designed specifically to support the determination of a steelmaking site’s Progress Level according to criteria 10.6 of the Standard, the tool consists of a series of templates in which the necessary data can be input to calculate the site’s Embodied Crude Steel GHG Emissions Intensity and % scrap in relation to criteria 10.4. As a result of these two calculations, made correctly, a site will be able to see which Progress level they would meet before seeking an external audit.

As well as being used by steel sites self-evaluating their emissions in preparation for an independent ResponsibleSteel Progress audit, the tool can also be used at the pre-production stage by project developers wanting to self-assess their emissions projections ahead of external validation.  The Decarbonisation Progress Audit Tool is available to:

  • ResponsibleSteel members
  • Steelmakers engaging in the First Movers Coalition Near-Zero Steel 2030 Challenge

Steelmakers using the tool will be able to get a clear idea of where they stand on the road to near-zero steel using ResponsibleSteel’s Progress Levels. However, they won’t be able to claim that their sites have achieved ResponsibleSteel Progress Level certification until they have been through an audit against the ResponsibleSteel International Standard and awarded such a certificate by a ResponsibleSteel-approved Certification Body. Any such claims will have to be in line with ResponsibleSteel Claims Guidance.

If you have any questions about the Decarbonisation Progress Audit Tool and how to use it,  please contact If you would like to receive the tool, please register your interest here.

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