Leading steel companies and NGOs agree to International Standard on climate for industry

Created by ResponsibleSteel members, including some of the world’s largest steel companies and most respected social justice and climate NGOs, ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0 will play a pivotal role in driving down GHG emissions and driving up standards in the steel supply chain, helping steel companies transition to a responsible, decarbonised future.

As the world grapples with the impact of climate change, the new ResponsibleSteel Standard, launched today, focuses more deeply than ever before on reducing GHG emissions and now enables buyers of steel for the first time to specify what green procurement means in a credible way.

After years of hard and complex work, ResponsibleSteel is extremely proud to announce its revised Standard 2.0. Leading steel companies including ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, US Steel, thyssenkrupp, POSCO, BlueScope, and voestalpine worked with others along the steel value chain to support the standard’s development, as well as leading environmental NGOs the Climate Group, Ceres, the Clean Air Task Force, We Mean Business, and Mighty Earth. The launch of this Standard will provide leaders in the steel industry with an immediate opportunity to showcase how they are driving down emissions, whilst tackling other urgent issues such as the impact of mining, water use, labour rights, air pollution, and diversity. It’s an expert yet practical road map for radical and innovative change in the world of steel.

“The progressive steel industry, business and civil society and associate Members should be very proud today. They have worked together to produce a breakthrough standard. This means we now have a workable standard to certify steel products which meet the highest possible sustainability metrics,” commented Gerry Tidd, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He continued, “steel customers can now be confident in specifying ResponsibleSteel certified steel products. The Standard sets a new high watermark for steelmakers, their supply chain and customers who want to address essential issues like biodiversity, GHG emissions, labour rights, water, and waste.”

The ResponsibleSteel Standard is unique in addressing not only climate change but other issues also across the whole ESG spectrum. It has taken years of expertise and cross sector buy-in to create the new revisions which are even more exacting than before and pertain specifically to GHG emissions and the responsible sourcing of input materials.

“ResponsibleSteel’s new International Standard comes at a critical time, with the unfolding energy crisis alongside the climate challenge only magnifying the need for a global scale transition to a decarbonised economy. By providing a practical tool for both steelmakers and all their stakeholders to measure and reward progress, it paves the way for society to work together on this gargantuan challenge” said ResponsibleSteel CEO Annie Heaton. “The Standard enables anyone that’s either buying or making steel to demonstrate they are not only driving down emissions, but also thinking responsibly about impacts on people and nature right across the value chain.”

She continued, “With the publication of this Standard, we invite every steel company in the world to adopt it, every customer to ask for it and every finance house to endorse it, so that together, as a community of the willing and through dynamic collaboration we can generate the necessary investments required for this vital transition.”

ResponsibleSteel believes the publication of this Standard will send a clear signal to steel customers, the market, investors, policy makers and government leaders that this is a Standard the world can trust, is wholly transparent, will push back against greenwashing and will ultimately pave the way towards a net zero steel industry with sustainability at its core.

Learn more about the development of ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0 here.


“We are encouraged by the progress ResponsibleSteel is making in terms of both enhancing the scope and diversity of its membership base and strengthening the rigour and extent of its certification process. Its members now include an impressively broad range of companies across the steel value chain as well as civil society actors, while the revamped standard being launched today not only improves the existing site level certification standard but introduces a product standard for the first time. Having been a member since its inception, we are pleased to continue to work closely with ResponsibleSteel on the evolution of its industry certification scheme which we believe has an important role to play in driving ESG standards across our industry.” – James Streater, Head of Sustainable Development, ArcelorMittal.

“The ResponsibleSteel Standard and certification program is an important example of multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable change across the steel value chain. Driven by the collaborative effort of industry and civil society, it has been designed to give customers, stakeholders and consumers confidence that the steel they use has been sourced and produced responsibly. BlueScope is pleased to have contributed to the development of the ResponsibleSteel Standard and the additional requirements.” – Tim Rodsted, Head of Sustainability, BlueScope.

“Tangible action to decarbonise the steel industry is ramping up, especially with the finalisation of the ResponsibleSteel Standard V2.0. We now have clear requirements on both greenhouse gas emissions and responsible sourcing of input materials. As the Standard forms a key part of our SteelZero commitment, these additional requirements will strengthen and clarify the collective voice of our members, boosting the demand signal for low emission and net zero steel and accelerating the net zero transition of one of the highest emitting sectors on the planet.” – Jen Carson, Head of Industry, Climate Group.

“Mighty Earth is proud to be a stakeholder in what will soon become the global standard for low-emission and responsibly sourced steel. We urge automakers and other steel buyers to get behind this. Choosing ResponsibleSteel-certified materials sends a strong message to steelmakers that investing in renewable energy-powered steelmaking makes sense economically and environmentally. This standard goes beyond greenhouse emissions and also includes critical environmental safeguards, ensuring that deforestation has no place in the steel industry’s future.” – Glenn Hurowitz, Founder and CEO, Mighty Earth.

“Lendlease endorses the establishment of ResponsibleSteel’s product certification standard. As a 1.5 degree aligned company we support globally consistent standards which provide product assurance and streamlined procurement along with a clear signal about our expectations of a responsible and decarbonised supply chain.” – Cate Harris, Group Head of Sustainability, Lendlease.

“SKF joined the Responsible Steel Initiative because steel is such an important part of our value chain and because we want to play our part in collaborating for increased sustainability within the steel industry. We are very proud to have been part of the process to define the additional requirements in this new version of the RSI standard. This is an important step, which provides producers and users of steel with common ways to measure and drive improved performance in both climate and social aspects. We look forward to working to promote the adoption of this standard and to the improved sustainability performance that will surely follow that.” – Rob Jenkinson, Net Zero Program Manager, SKF.

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