ResponsibleSteel announces world’s first certified steelmaking site in Australia: BlueScope Port Kembla Steel Works

ResponsibleSteel has awarded the world’s first certification to a steelmaking site in Australia. The BlueScope Australian Steel Products Manufacturing site in Port Kembla, Australia manufactures plain carbon steel, low alloy steel and large structural steel products including continuously cast slabs, hot rolled plate, and hot rolled, cold rolled, metal coated and organic coated flat steel strip in coil form.

ResponsibleSteel acting CEO, Ali Lucas said :

“Having the first ResponsibleSteel certified site in Australia is critically important. Australia’s steel industry generated $29 billion in annual revenue and employs over 110,000 Australians. Australia is also one of the most critical biospheres on earth.”

“The successful assessment of a steel making site against the very exacting criteria within the ResponsibleSteel Standard highlights the importance of a steel sector not only focused on decarbonisation but also on ensuring that health and safety remains of paramount importance, respecting human rights, worker rights and local communities, and focused on the whole ESG spectrum.”

“We applaud BlueScope on this momentous achievement and look forward to working with them closely on the next stage of their journey – certified Steel, which will further reassure business and consumers that the steel they use has been not only produced responsibly but also sourced responsibly at every stage of its journey.”

BlueScope’s commitment will send a clear and strong message to markets, investors, financiers and governments about the steel industry’s intent to not only decarbonise steel production, but also to ensure responsible ESG practices in steelmaking, has well and truly begun.”

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