ResponsibleSteel™ Site Certification Awarded to ArcelorMittal France Nord

Following the certification of ArcelorMittal Méditerranée earlier this year, ArcelorMittal France Nord announces that it has obtained ResponsibleSteel™ certification. The certification marks ArcelorMittal France Nord’s commitment to implementing our Standard, which encompasses 12 environmental, social and governance principles that promote responsible steel production.

ArcelorMittal France Nord is an entity of ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The certification covers seven sites: Dunkirk, Mardyck, Desvres, Montataire, Florange, Mouzon, and Basse-Indre. The cluster employs around 7000 workers and contractors and produces flat steel products for a range of sectors such as the packaging and automotive industries.

Commenting on the certification, Matthieu Jehl, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal France Nord, stated, “our customers and stakeholders expect a quality product from us but also a more sustainable contribution to society. The ResponsibleSteel™ certification allows us to demonstrate our commitment to this goal. It is an additional asset that is part of our management system and our continuous progressive approach.”

The certification follows two stages of auditing which began in December 2021. The auditing was conducted by an independent ResponsibleSteel approved body, AFNOR. During the audit process, over 150 interviews were conducted with workers and independent stakeholders to discuss potential issues. The audit process highlighted several areas of good practice including the cluster’s structured roadmap to achieve a 35% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030.

Annie Heaton, CEO of ResponsibleSteel, stated, “We are very pleased to welcome the ArcelorMittal France Nord cluster to our expanding family of ResponsibleSteel certified sites. As more and more sites become certified, we move closer to ResponsibleSteel’s vision of maximising steel’s contribution to a sustainable society. And we look forward to continuing to support ArcelorMittal France Nord on this journey.”

To find out more about the certification, click here or take a look at our audit summary here.

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