ResponsibleSteel™ welcomes The Nickel Institute into membership

The Nickel Institute is the global association of leading primary nickel producers. Their mission is to promote and support the appropriate use of nickel in appropriate applications. One of the main applications being its use in the production and strengthening of stainless steel.

While its role is often hidden, nickel is an enabler of many technologies required for sustainability. Nickel contributes to various of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to its outstanding physical-chemical properties, nickel makes articles more durable, ensures an increased lifetime and results in less maintenance. Due to the high economic value, nickel is moreover a metal with highest recycling efficiencies and contributes therefore to a circular economy.

The nickel value chain is also a significant contributor to economic development. And the science and technical know-how shared freely by the Nickel Institute contribute knowledge to enable nickel to be used safely and efficiently.

“We appreciate the opportunity to join the ResponsibleSteel initiative as an Associate Member. Stainless steel accounts for more than two third of all nickel uses globally. It is therefore important for us – on behalf of our member companies – to closely cooperate with the carbon and stainless steel industry in view of responsible sourcing” said Dr Veronique Steukers, Global Director Public Policy.

Matthew Wenban-Smith, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel, said: “Having the Nickel Institute as a new Associate Member of ResponsibleSteel is extremely good news – both for the organisation as a whole but also for all of our other members who will greatly benefit from the input and experience that the Nickel Institute will bring to our projects and programmes.”

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