Stakeholder Q&A on draft ‘GHG Emission Requirements for the Certification of Steel Products’

ResponsibleSteel is hosting two Q&A sessions for stakeholders interested in the draft ‘GHG Emission Requirements for the Certification of Steel Products’, to take place on Wednesday 30th September, and Wednesday 7th October, with both sessions repeated at 09.00 and 17.00 BST.

At the beginning of the month we launched a 60-day public consultation on draft requirements to allow ResponsibleSteel certification of steel products: You can find the draft requirements, background information, options and consultation questions here.

The Q&A sessions will give stakeholders the opportunity to seek clarification on the intent or meaning of the draft requirements, in advance of any written feedback.

The sessions will include a short presentation followed by questions from participants.  The sessions on 30 September will focus on Criterion 8.6, and the sessions on 7 October will cover the remaining criteria.

Participation is by invitation.  ResponsibleSteel Members, Associates and Working Group members will receive their invitation in the coming days.    If you are not a Member, Associate or currently participating in a working group but would like to attend please contact George Deslandes ( as soon as possible.

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