SteelZero: Driving the Collective Change for Net Zero Emissions

This is a crucial time for the steel sector and wider efforts to decarbonise heavy industry. With the G7 summit taking place in June, it’s vital that business leaders and policy decision-makers are equipped with the right information to drive the change needed.

So it’s timely and welcome that a new policy paper released by SteelZero – a global initiative led by international non-profit Climate Group in partnership with ResponsibleSteel – has set out steps governments must take to support the steel industry in its drive to achieve net zero emissions.

The policy position highlights six key principles to accelerate the net zero transition of the steel industry. If widely implemented, this will mobilise the systemic change that’s needed and support businesses in meeting their net zero steel targets by 2050. The paper calls on government decision-makers to:

  • Promote a global standard and definition on what low emission and net zero steel is
  • Support the public sector in using low emission and net zero steel in current and future projects
  • Get businesses to measure and report on the carbon emissions associated with the steel they use
  • Encourage better use of steel in the first place while ensuring that steel can be easily recycled
  • Set expectations on what’s needed from steelmakers to drastically cut carbon emissions
  • Create a level playing field for net zero steel in global markets

To read the full report, click here.

Meanwhile, further discussions at SteelZero’s Summit on May 31st will bring together leaders from across the global steel industry – and for the first time ever, centers on the demand side of the conversation.

ResponsibleSteel’s policy experts will be speaking at the event and calling for “steelmakers, downstream customers, and other organisations to join SteelZero and become part of this dynamic community for change.”

More on SteelZero:

SteelZero members make a public commitment to procure 100% net zero steel by 2050, with an interim commitment of using 50% responsibly produced steel by 2030.

By harnessing the collective purchasing power and influence of its members, SteelZero is shifting global markets and policies towards the responsible production and sourcing of steel.

For more details on SteelZero and becoming a member, click here.

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