SteelZero First Workshop

“SteelZero”, brought to you by The Climate Group and ResponsibleSteel held its first workshop on April 16th. SteelZero is an initiative to drive a major shift in the global market for the responsible sourcing and production of steel. SteelZero provides a forum for leading steel buyers across multiple sectors to co-create and support a powerful commitment to sourcing steel in a net zero economy, alongside a roadmap of action.

This first workshop was attended by a total of 46 individuals, representing 14 demand side businesses and business associations across the following sectors: construction & property, consumer products, automotive, finance and renewable energy. Additionally, 9 civil society organisations were represented to contribute to the conversation.

Key focus areas of the workshop were to explore what a commitment around the procurement of responsible low/zero carbon steel may look like and discuss if there are specific workstreams a group could take on to help make the procurement of responsible low/zero carbon steel a practicality. All participants had the opportunity to actively contribute to smaller group break-out discussions exploring commitments and workstreams.

A number of presentations were given by stakeholders to help shape the discussions. Presenters included the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) on their Net-Zero Steel Initiative and the World Green Building Council on their Advancing Net Zero project, specifically covering the work both organisations have done regarding demand signals. ArcelorMittal presented the producer’s perspective of issues that need to be overcome to bring responsible low/zero carbon steel to the market and the importance of the demand signal from steel buyers.

There was a very high level of engagement during the workshop from both business and civil society participants. The SteelZero project team gained a clearer understanding of what is required by participants. The next stage is for the project team to have a series of follow up conversations with businesses to shape a formal commitment to the procurement of responsible low/zero carbon steel.”

More to follow on this project as it develops, in the meantime please feel free to have a look through a presentation that can be found here on the ResponsibleSteel website.

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