Tata Steel Earns Two New ResponsibleSteel Certifications

Following the certification of the Jamshedpur site in 2022, Tata Steel has achieved certification of its Kalinganagar and Meramandali sites, marking a significant next step in Tata’s sustainability journey.

Over 90% of Tata’s steel production in India is now covered by ResponsibleSteel site certification. Meramandali produces 5.6 mt annually while Kalinganagar produces around 3.3 mt. Collectively the sites employ over 46,000 workers and contractors.

Annie Heaton, CEO of ResponsibleSteel commented, “With the audit process for these two new site certifications, Tata Steel has demonstrated its commitment to openly progress its social and environmental responsibilities. During the audits, both sites’ GHG emissions reduction strategies and water stewardship programmes were highlighted for their robustness. The ResponsibleSteel Standard goes further, beyond managing a site’s environmental impacts, and aims to support sites to ensure the wellbeing of the site’s workers and local communities.”

Annie continued, “Tata Kalinganagar has demonstrated continued determination to work with the community following a history of protests and the relocation of local people, working to provide quality housing and improved health and education through the Tata Steel Medica Hospital and the Loyola School. Likewise, interviews with a range of external stakeholders at the Meramandali site pointed to the commitment of the site to the community and workers reported improved health and safety procedures following Tata’s acquisition of the site. Steelmaking is a complex and often hazardous process, and the site and the company’s commitment to continuously bettering health and safety to mitigate future risk is well noted. Overall, the auditors were encouraged by the continued progress both sites are committed to making through the ResponsibleSteel certification programme.”

Both sites set up steering committees to drive the implementation of the ResponsibleSteel Standard and up robust internal and external stakeholder mechanisms to address grievances.

T. V. Narendran, CEO & MD of  Tata Steel, said, “The ResponsibleSteel Certification for our sites is a testament to Tata Steel’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. It reflects our proactive approach towards addressing the evolving challenges of the steel industry and shaping a better tomorrow. I sincerely appreciate the ResponsibleSteel team, the auditors, the assurance panel, and the team at Tata Steel for their efforts in achieving this milestone. We are progressing well towards our target of certifying all our existing steelmaking sites in India by 2025.”

View the public audit summaries here.

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