The Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School joins ResponsibleSteel™

The Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School is a not-for-profit initiative launched in 2015. The School helps to build a clever, collaborative and competitive built environment through increasing knowledge and competency of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The School is an industry-wide collaboration, led by our Partners and Members whose Vision for the School is to be “A world-class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment”.

The School aims to:

  • Offer a common language and consistent approach amongst the Partners of the School for developing the sustainability competencies of their supply chains to benefit the sector as a whole and minimise burdens and risks across supply chains;
  • Deliver measurable improvements in the sustainability competencies of construction and infrastructure supply chains;
  • Develop the School as a key delivery vehicle for improving the career pathways and up-skilling the sustainability competencies of the sector’s supply chain;
  • Provide appropriate materials, means and motivation for supply chains across the sector to develop the competencies necessary to meet the opportunities and challenges that the sustainability agenda and changing markets present;
  • Provide appropriate means for innovation, technology and emerging best practices in sustainability to be shared across the supply chain;
  • Promote this approach across Australian construction and infrastructure sector stakeholders to include those involved in the development and operation of buildings, homes, communities and infrastructure, and to freely share this approach with the industry as a whole;
  • Engage knowledge-based institutions such as universities, industry associations and research groups to support research and deliver research-supported content;
  • Achieve this purpose to the advantage of the industry and the supply chain, and where possible supporting the work of existing industry and not-for-profit organisations, not for a single contractor, group of contractors, projects or clients.

Hayley Jarick, CEO at the Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School said, “It’s an exciting time to formalise the School’s collaboration with ResponsibleSteel. The steel industry has tremendous potential to minimise its negative impacts, and the recently released ResponsibleSteel standard provides a framework to showcase successes to date as well as focus and inspire industry innovation. The School and ResponsibleSteel are aligned in our drive to maximise industry contributions to a sustainable society through cooperation and mutual commitment by companies at all levels of the supply chain, and the School is committed to working with industry to transform the future. The potential of our two organisations combining our efforts is truly massive!”

Ali Lucas, Executive Director, ResponsibleSteel said, “We are delighted to welcome the Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School as an Associate member of ResponsibleSteel.  So much is happening throughout the whole steel sector and supply chain at the moment – and the next few months will provide many opportunities for us to collaborate and partner with organisations such as The School.  The deep knowledge, experience and insight that The School have within the Steel supply chain will be of enormous value to many of ResponsibleSteel’s members and stakeholders.”

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