What’s coming up for ResponsibleSteel?

We have some exciting developments on the horizon which we’re keen to share with our members and stakeholders. Here are a few key moments to look out for in the next six months.

Standards  Development

Public Consultations

Two important public consultations started in mid-March – one on Principle 3 (responsible sourcing) of the International Standard, and one on a new draft Downstream Chain of Custody Standard. Learn more about the consultations here or visit our Standards Development page to submit your feedback.

Members and wider stakeholders can also join a webinar on 26 March to find out more about the consultations. Register here.

International Standard V2.1

We’re busy working to produce Version 2.1 of the ResponsibleSteel International Standard by mid-May. This will provide the green light for steelmakers in the race to achieve the first ResponsibleSteel Certified Steel – and for downstream businesses to line up to procure Certified Steel products.

Upcoming Publications

Progress Report

ResponsibleSteel and its members have come a long way since its inception. In Q2, we will publish our first annual Progress Report using data on the scale and the impacts of certification to show progress towards our mission.

Certification Pathway to Net Zero by 2050  

Later in Q2 we’re aiming to publish our analysis on the extent of transition progress required over time for the steel sector to fulfil its Paris Agreement obligations. Not another trajectory, but a demonstration of net zero pathways through a new lens – that of the four ResponsibleSteel Progress Levels.

Upcoming Events

ResponsibleSteel will be participating in the SteelZero events in Washington D.C. on 24 April, Seoul on 21 May, and Brussels on 19 June, and we are looking at how to maximise value for our members during these events – more details to come shortly.

The ResponsibleSteel AGM will be held online on 22 May.

We will be participating in and running many more events during the year, and will publicise these as soon as more details are confirmed. In particular, we will also be engaging with stakeholders in India, Japan and Korea throughout the year to deepen our presence within these important markets.

Webinar Series

We will be offering members a set of ‘Meet the Expert’ webinars covering topics such as just transition, biodiversity, targets, downstream demand and much more. If you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like us to cover, please contact our new Head of Membership and Communications, Joe Woodruff.

ResponsibleSteel Groups

Members can also get involved with one of our groups:

Steelmakers Reference Group

The Steelmakers Reference Group is an opportunity for member steelmakers to engage in technical discussions around the Standards and Assurance Programme. Contact Rodrigo de Prospero, our Head of Standards and Assurance, for more information.

Civil Society Reference Group

The Civil Society Reference Group provides a forum to share ResponsibleSteel’s latest plans with civil society members and to seek their engagement, input and feedback. Contact Shiv Kumar, our Development and Innovation Director, for more information.

Finance Working Group

An opportunity for the finance sector and steel industry to come together to discuss how to effectively use the ResponsibleSteel Standard as a verification tool to raise capital to accelerate steel decarbonisation. Contact Shiv Kumar, our Development and Innovation Director, for more information.

Find out more

If you have any questions about the above, or suggestions for events, publications or webinars, please do get in contact with our new Head of Membership and Communications, Joe Woodruff.

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