ResponsibleSteel Virtual Members’ Meeting 2020

The ResponsibleSteel Members’ Meeting is taking place this year on 24th and 25th June.  This will be a chance for our members – full members as well as associate members – to discuss ongoing ResponsibleSteel developments.

The meeting this year focuses on two specific issues: the requirements that steelmakers will need to meet to make claims about the steel products they produce and sell; and the development of the new ResponsibleSteel constitution.

Restrictions to control the coronavirus pandemic mean that the meeting will be virtual, rather than in person.  Since we want to cover multiple time zones we cannot do full day sessions. Instead, we will hold 2-hour sessions and will repeat them so that all our members have an opportunity to participate.

On the 24th June, we will focus on the additional requirements in relation to GHG and raw materials that we are currently developing.  The ResponsibleSteel Board has decided to give Members more opportunity to engage in the development of these additional requirements before they are launched for public consultation and we want to use the Members meeting to provide that opportunity.  Draft proposals will be circulated in advance of the meeting, and the formal public consultation process will take place after the Members’ have had the opportunity to review and comment.

On 25th June ResponsibleSteel will seek feedback from members on a new draft constitution.

There is still time to join ResponsibleSteel in advance of the Members’ Meeting.  If you would like to know more, please look at the membership pages of our website, or contact George Deslandes at for more information.

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